About Us

LID is a not-for-profit association helping legal innovation professionals push the needle on change in the legal industry. Founder Nicola Shaver created LID to provide support, networking opportunities and resources for people who are responsible for driving change in commercial legal environments. Upon taking up an innovation role at a global law firm based in New York, Nicola felt the need for such a group. When she couldn’t find one, she decided to create it herself.

Our Values

LID meets 10-12 times a year, either in person or virtually. The philosophy of LID is to Learn by Doing, so every meeting includes a workshop element or an exercise, as well as an educational session. LID is about sharing and supporting one another across all vertical in commercial legal, for the benefit of the industry at large. At LID, we believe in giving back to the community. Soon newcomers to the industry will be able to find a mentor through LID.

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